Class 1 Screveton Eco Farm Trip

A fantastic time was had by Class 1 during our visit to the Eco Farm at Screveton. This ended our farm topic perfectly and allowed the children to see a working farm in action.

We started off with a tractor and trailer ride through the many acres of land owned by the Eco Farm.We talked about the different crops we could see growing in the fields and the different fruits we could spot on the trees. We were lucky to see a bailer tractor working and watched how the machinery gathered the grass and then turned it into a bail. Farmer David told us all about how the farm grow wild flowers to help attract wildlife such as bees. We had a stop halfway through our ride to walk through a small, wooded area where we used our senses to explore the environment. Farmer David told us about the soil and how important worms are for making the soil healthy. We headed back to the farm for our next activity with some very lucky children helping Ben drive the tractor!

Our next activity was finding out all about worms. Anna talked to us about the importance of worms and showed us her worm farm. We all got the chance to hold a worm in our hands. We found out lots of interesting facts…Did you know that worms have 5 hearts and have a saddle on their body when they are an adult?

After lunch, we took part in some creative work with Kristina. We went on a colour hunt, trying to find as many different colours in nature as possible. We then used the flowers, plants and leaves that we had gathered to make a nature crown. They looked fantastic! We also use leaves to print and create wonderful pictures.

Finally, we went on a nature scavenger hunt. We had to listen to the clues very carefully as well as looking a photographs of leaves and flowers. We were also lucky to see some kuna kuna pigs, geese with their goslings and sheep with their baby lambs. Such a busy day!

Thank you to our parent helpers and the Eco Farm at Screveton for organising such a fantastic day. View the photos in the Gallery.

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