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Early Years Foundation Stage (or EYFS) is where your child is welcomed into school and experiences the foundation of their learning journey within the community of Flintham Primary School.

The EYFS team include Mrs Bacon, Mrs Sharphouse and Mrs Witham. In EYFS, we have a mixed class of Reception and Early Years children (rising 4s). We have a large classroom with lots of exciting areas for play and our own designated outdoor space which we use daily. The highly stimulating environment allows children to play together in a multitude of different areas. We are lucky to have such wonderful school grounds which we also make good use of at every possible opportunity. We encourage our children to spend as much of their time outdoors as they do indoors. It is a vital part of how the school nurtures both academic and social progress.

We offer a caring, nurturing and stimulating environment where, through liaison with parents, we provide the best start to each individual child’s education. Our EYFS children enjoy coming to school and are encouraged to be independent learners, rising to challenges and linking learning. There are high standards of behaviour and excellent relationships built between staff and children.

The EYFS curriculum is delivered in a range of ways to best support individual pupil progress. Within EYFS we provide a balance of adult led and child led activities that help children to think critically, play and explore and become active creative learners. We follow the statutory EYFS curriculum which is broken into seven areas:

Prime Areas

Physical Development
Communication and Language Personal,
Social and Emotional Development

Specific Areas

Expressive Arts and Design
Understanding the World

The Prime areas as well as Literacy and Mathematics are delivered within a structured morning session. The afternoon session takes the form of a ‘free-flow’ style approach, focusing on the remaining Specific areas (Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World). High expectations, dedicated staff, clear systems and procedures with detailed induction processes (for pupils and families) ensure a smooth transition into the EYFS. Our comprehensive transition programme for new Early Years and Reception children includes: home visits made by a teacher; stay and play dates; singing sessions with parents and a specialised music teacher; a parents transition evening and ‘Welcome to Early years’ booklet alongside helpful leaflets to support transition into school.

Information gathered from home visits, baseline assessment and ongoing observations are effectively used to plan personalised support for every child, ensuring that children achieve as much as they can from their individual starting point. The needs of all groups are catered for to ensure that we are inclusive and every child receives an enjoyable and challenging experience across all areas of learning.

Tapestry (a secure online learning journal) is used to record photos, observations and comments in line with the EYFS curriculum, to build up a record of your child’s experiences at school. They will love talking to you about their photos and you will have the opportunity to talk to them about their learning. Parents can also add their own observations and photos of their child out of school. We value parents/carers as important partners in our children’s learning and therefore believe that it is vitally important to develop and maintain positive partnerships with parents/carers throughout the children’s time in school.

We believe that good communication between home and school is vital for a pupil’s learning and emotional well-being. Each child starts school with a unique set of experiences, gained from home, nursery and in their communities. These experiences are highly valued and enable us to identify next steps in each child’s individual learning journey. As parents/carers, you are the children’s first educators and as such have unique knowledge and understanding of the children’s learning and development. We aspire to combine this with our professional expertise to ensure the children reach their full potential during their time with us.

We also use Class Dojo, to keep parents up to date with upcoming events as well as showing parents what we have been doing as a class.

We have put together lots of helpful documents, please visit the page below which gives you a real insight into our EYFS provision at Flintham.

If you have any questions or wish to visit our school, please contact school by telephone:01636 525371 or via email:

We look forward to hearing from you. From the FPS EYFS Team