Hindu Temple Visit

On Tuesday 25 February, two of our School Council members joined other children from each of the Equals Schools for the first visit to a place of faith as part of the Diversity in the Community Project. They were made to feel so welcome at the Hindu Temple and Community Centre, Carlton Road, Nottingham. The children had all met as a group before to plan their visit

Our children found the visit fascinating and so informative. Archie said,

” I found the temple inviting. We took our coat and shoes off and sat on the brightly coloured carpet and listened to a lady telling us all about Hinduism. We learned about some of the most well known Hindu gods – Rama, Ganesha, Vishnu, Siva and Hanuman.”

Sam said,

“The Temple was really bright and colourful. There were lots of different gods and flowers. I liked it because it was a calm space and we could shut our eyes and breathe deeply and be peaceful.”

The boys are now busy creating a power point to share their learning with the whole school. This is an excellent way for children to learn about different faiths in our community. Our next three delegates have been selected and will be visiting Sneinton Mosque next week.

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