Lego-Robotics Workshop

Classes 2, 3 and 4 each had an excellent Lego-Robotics workshop on Thursday 3rd February to enable the children to learn more about the technology of coding and it has certainly impacted positively on their understanding of coding.

The children worked in groups of 3 to build robots using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® and then advanced to coding their creation using an easy to use graphical environment. A big thank you to Wojciech, it was such an exciting way to apply coding learned in the classroom. The children thoroughly enjoyed the hands on and practical experience. The children had plenty to say about the sessions!

Eddie in Class 2 said;

I really liked adding the Lego to make our robot and I liked how it how it moved. If we put our hand in front of it, the sensor on its head made it move towards your hand.

Jonty and Alexis in Class 3 said;

During the building of the robot, we had a choice where to put his brain, we had ours on his back. When the basic model was finished, we could get add-ons like swords. We programmed it to move using the computer. They were robots that could go into battle. We had a different motor for each part that moved.

Ours were called Wally and Jimmy Neutron. We used coding to make it spin round, have lighting going on and off and to move forward if it detected anything in a 15 cm range. All the children really enjoyed it and we hope to have it again in school.




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