National Holocaust Museum Virtual Trip

On Thursday November 5th 2020, Class 4 took part in FPS’s first ever Virtual School Trip. It was a virtual visit to the Holocaust Centre, Laxton as part of their WWII topic.

In the morning dressed as children from WWII, Class 4 followed the experiences of a young Jewish boy called Leo in the final weeks leading to him having to leave Germany and his family via the Kinder Transport in 1938.


In the afternoon, the children we able to listen to and ask questions of an actual survivor, Dr Martin Stern, who as a child had been on the Kinder Transport.

Erin and Zach reported that the story of how he survived was incredible and he had a very difficult time.

An amazing and moving day was had by all and a huge thank you to Dr Stein for giving our children the opportunity to listen to his very special story.

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