RAF Syerston Visit

Class 4 had an amazing time at RAF Syerston on Thursday 27 February. Such an interesting place to visit and within walking distance of the school. On arrival, the children went to the de-briefing room to watch a slide show about safety and explaining the effects of g-force.



They then went to the hangar and saw and sat in the cockpit of the gliders. After that the children went to see a tornado that is kept at the base and were told all about it by Squadron Leader CJB Bultel, who actually flew it! There are in fact two tornados at Systerson, one is fighter class and the other is bomber class.


In the afternoon the children got to fly in the glider simulator and also made parachutes to carry out an experiment testing parachutes of different sizes, shapes and materials. It was a fantastic experience and a brilliant way to link the children’s Air Resistance and Forces topic to their importance in real life situation.

A huge thank you to Flight Lieutenant Delaney and all the staff for their expert knowledge and their hospitality and time spent with the children. We will definitely be making a return visit.

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