Visit to Magna!

An awesome day was had by Class 3 and 4 on Thursday 20 January during their visit to the magnificent Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham. Magna is housed inside the old steel works and is absolutely huge with much of the machinery left in situ. We were all in awe at the sheer size of the size of the building.The walkway from one end to the other is a third of a mile long!



The children had such an interesting day visiting the Air, Water and Fire interactive exhibitions and each class having a fantastic bespoke workshop relating to their Science topic this term. Class 3’s workshop involved learning about gases, solids and liquids and led to making paint and building a volcano in a paddling pool. Class 4’s workshop was all about forces and how we can use heat, air, fire or a chemical reaction to make things move. The children participated in a range of exciting experiments showing how all these worked.

Thank you Mr Knott for arranging such a super day of science in such an outstanding location!

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