Year 5 & 6 Rugby

Mr Knott took our squad of 10 players to Newark Rugby Club for the Year 5 and 6 Tag Rugby Tournament. The whole school is extremely proud with how well they played as a team and that they won every match. Fantastic!

Following is the match report by Flynn and Harry.

There were 13 schools present and every team played 5 matches on 5 different pitches. The first match we played was against Farndon A – we won 4-0 and our confidence grew. Our second match was against Bishop Alexander and we beat them with a smashing score of 7-3. Next we were up against Barnaby Road A, whom we tagged out of the park and won 5-3. After 3 victories in a row we were feeling extremely proud.

We went into our next match against Barnaby Road B feeling confident, and in the end we won with a score of 4-0. Our final match was against Coddington and we had a great win of 8-3. After winning all our matches we went on to claim our free hotdogs. We had a fantastic afternoon, everyone enjoyed it and had fun. Thank you Mr Knott for taking us.



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